Beef Luc Lac
A dish of French-inspired Vietnamese cuisine that consists of sliced beef sauteed with peppers, garlic, red onion and soya sauce served with steamed rice

400 g. / 27.00 lv.

Caramelised pork
Vietnamese style - chopped pork neck, boiled and fried egg with soya sauce and spices, served with steamed rice

400 g. / 18.00 lv.

Sweet&Sour chicken or pork
Vietnamese style - chopped meat with sweet & sour sauce, peppers, carrots, onion, pineapple and garlic, served with steamed rice

400 g. / 14.00 lv.

Szechuan chicken
Chinese style - Chopped Chicken, vegetables and noodles with sate sauce and degree of spiciness of your choice, traditionally very spicy

400 g. / 14.00 lv.

Pad Thai
Traditional Thai dish with consisting of rice noodles, peanuts, egg, onion, sliced bamboo, bean sprouts and peanut sauce

With shrimps 350 g. / 19.00 lv.

With chicken 350 g. / 12.50 lv.

With pork 350 g. / 12.50 lv.

With vegetables 350 g. / 10.50 lv.

Chili shrimps Singapore with steamed rice

400 g. / 30.00 lv.

Panang curry
base green curry, coconut milk, lime, peas, peanuts, green beans

with chicken 400 g. / 12.00 lv.

with shrimps 600 g. / 36.00 lv.

Singapore noodles spicy
Base glass noodles, curry, sauce soja, vegetables, egg, peanuts, chili,

Singapore noodles with seafood 450 g. / 19.00 lv.

Singapore noodles with chicken 450 g. / 13.00 lv.

Singapore noodles with pork 450 g. / 13.00 lv.

Singapore noodles with vegetables 400 g. / 10.50 lv.


Lili Pham restaurant has a large selection of Asian dishes served the whole day : soups, salads, nems and summer rolls followed by main dishes of high quality meat and sea food.

During the period of limitation to work with clients Lili Pham proposed a special takeaway menu. You can check it on our News section. Call us at 0896 840 507 or order through foodpanda and takeaway.


Thank you for the support!