Asian tapioca pudding and coconut milk
tapioca perls, coconut milk, exotic fruit

200 g. / 5.80 lv.

Chocolate mousse

110 g. / 5.20 lv.

Homemade ice-cream

80 g. / 2.20 lv.

Coconut balls
A trio of steamed rice coconut balls with mung beans pasta filling

150 g. / 7.00 lv.


Lili Pham restaurant has a large selection of Asian dishes served the whole day : soups, salads, nems and summer rolls followed by main dishes of high quality meat and sea food.

During the period of limitation to work with clients Lili Pham proposed a special takeaway menu. You can check it on our News section. Call us at 0896 840 507 or order through foodpanda and takeaway.


Thank you for the support!