Hot Starters
Squid à la planche or breaded

220 g. / 15.00 lv.

Octopus à la planche
octopus, butter, pernod, olives, coriander, olive oil

220 g. / 24.00 lv.

Steamed basket of seafood and vegetables
Cod fish, shrimps, mussels, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, egg dip sauce

300 g. / 12.00 lv.

Steamed asparagus with dip sauce
Asparagus, egg-mustard sauce

250 g. / 25.00 lv.

Ratatouille with goat cheese
Goat cheese, eggplant, zucchini, pepper, tomatoes, onion, garlic

250 g. / 15.00 lv.

Korean chicken wings
Chicken wings, sesame, marinate

250 g./ 9.00 lv.

Foie gras
Panned goose liver served with bruschetta and caramelized apple

220 g. / 24.00 lv.

Porcini sauté
With garlic, white wine and wild onion

250 g. / 12.00 lv.

Butter Scallops
With citrus sauce, mushrooms sauté and salad mix

220 g. / 29.00 lv.

Frog legs
with garlic and persil

280 g. / 20.00 lv.

Dim Sum
Traditional Chinese dumplings on steam served in a bamboo basket with dipping sauce

Dim Sum Hakao with Shrimp - 150 g. / 8.00 lv.

Dim Sum Sumai with Shrimp - 150 g. / 8.00 lv.

Dim Sum Sumai with pork - 150 g. / 8.00 lv.

Pekin Dim Sum  - 200 g. / 9.00 lv.
(panned dim sum served with black vinegar sauce)

Wonton Shrimp Dim Sum - 150 g. / 9.00 lv.
(Fried dim sum served with spicy mayonnaise)

Spring Rolls - Nems
Vietnamese hot starter - crispy fried rolls with different fillings, served with green salad to roll with mint and a dipping traditional sauce

Pork nems - 200 g. / 8.00 lv.

Vegetables nems – 200 g. / 8.00 lv.

Shrimp nems - 200 g. / 8.00 lv.



Lili Pham restaurant has a large selection of Asian dishes served the whole day : soups, salads, nems and summer rolls followed by main dishes of high quality meat and sea food.

During the period of limitation to work with clients Lili Pham proposed a special takeaway menu. You can check it on our News section. Call us at 0896 840 507 or order through foodpanda and takeaway.


Thank you for the support!